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TrainerMaker are a bit different to other training providers...

  • Deliberately small in size, we value personal service above money-making

  • We give you sensible advice and guidance before you pay us any money - we're not here to sell you stuff that is pointless to you or isn't right for you - we want you to succeed!

  • We have super-qualified, industry-experienced staff - you are in safe hands!

  • We add to the resources that the Awarding Body's issue us. Updating info and ensuring that the knowledge you get from us is second-to-none

  • We make the process as simple as we can, supporting via as many methods as possible including the big social media platforms

  • We turn certifications around quickly. From the moment you get notification of passing your qualification from us, we promise to get your certificate to you within 3 months (Awarding Body timeframe)

  • We don't stop supporting you once your course is completed. You have open access to our tutor's support  for life!

If you're still not sure, read some testimonials below from real-life students! 


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STEVE NASH (Owner of Faultless Fitness, Hereford)

"I was lucky enough to meet Paul at the very start of my career as a Sports Scientist. It was Paul’s teaching of the fundamental gym courses that really gave me the tools to be ahead of my peers and led to me being utilised in university by lecturers to teach and support my friends in the practical skills required for their degree. My relationship with Paul gave me the support and belief to carry on learning and delivering to my clients. Whenever I needed someone to lean on or bounce an idea off Paul has been available to for me which has been invaluable. Now that I have employees, I have used Paul’s services to provide the training required for them and have watched as they have benefitted from his friendship and mentoring as I have. I would highly recommend Paul as someone who, once he’s had his morning coffee, will not only put up with but also actively answer as many questions as a young, budding and overly enthusiastic sports scientist can throw at him!"


AGNESKA OSIPOVIC (Student at Worcester University)

"Before I finished my qualifications with Paul, I was just a fitness lover and a complete zero in coaching and understanding it. The content of the course, its explanation and practical side of it helped me to realise scientific side of fitness coaching, different training methods and their application, sports psychology, and nutrition. All of my inquiries/questions were answered in efficient and polite ways. The tutor's help was enormous and still is even after I have finished my course. Would strongly recommend this company due to its flexibility, open-minded people and friendly learning environment."

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Thomas Telford School

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