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Supporting Participation course content and delivery/assessment method

The Supporting Participation course can be completed in 3 different pathways:

  1. Disability and Impairment

  2. Older Adults

  3. Perinatal

​Units for each pathway are:

Disability and Impairment

  1. Principles of working inclusively with individuals with disabilities and impairments​​​

One of the following:

  1. A strategic understanding of safeguarding adults and adults at risk

  2. An essential understanding of safeguarding adults and adults at risk for anyone with responsibilities for participant's welfare

  3. A basic awareness of safeguarding adults and adults at risk

Practitioner unit:

  1. Planning and delivering exercise for individuals with disabilities and impairments

Older Adults

  1. Healthy Ageing and role of physical activity and exercise

  2. Programming and adapting exercise for older adults

Practitioner unit:

  1. Delivering exercise for older adults


  1. Supporting perinatal physical activity, exercise, health and wellbeing

  2. Programming exercise and physical activity for perinatal participants

Practitioner unit:

  1. Delivering exercise for perinatal participants


Taught element (taught courses only)

This course is delivered over a minimum of one day. More days would be required if additional units are chosen.

Distance learning element:

An element of distance learning is required. Resources are provided for this.


  1. Completion of a Learner Assessment Record which includes worksheets

  2. Collation of a portfolio of evidence

  3. Witness testimony

  4. Professional discussion

  5. Session planning documents

  6. Practical observation

  7. Practical teaching log

  8. Additional assessments may be required depending upon optional units chosen

Course duration:

You have up to 12 months* to complete your course. However, it is common for students to complete their Supporting Participation qualification in 3-6 months.

A full Supporting Participation qualification specification can be found here.

Taught courses available in:

- Telford, Shropshire

- Shrewsbury, Shropshire

- Penkridge, Staffordshire

- Worcester, Worcestershire

- Uckfield, Sussex

- Your workplace

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