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We have been working with fire and rescue services since 2005 to support the delivery of the various fitness models services use. We are highly experienced having worked with:

  • Kent F&R

  • Surrey F&R

  • East Sussex F&R

  • West Sussex F&R

  • Shropshire F&R

  • Hereford & Worcester F&R

  • SEC Ambulance Service

We deliver flexibly and include taught days to suit your firefighter availability as well as supporting via elearning where required. 

We include content that your firefighters NEED. We focus on operational fitness requirements and how service PTI's can best support their colleagues.

Services have benefitted from Level 1, 2 & 3 fitness qualifications:

Level 1 Health Champion qualifications have been delivered in order to boost station fitness activity and compliance.

Level 2 Gym Instructor qualifications have been delivered as an entry level Physical Training Instructor (PTI) course.


Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications have been delivered for a more supportive approach to employee health and fitness - especialy relevant if your service has a high level of employees missing the VO2 threshold of 42ml/kg.

Level 3 Exercise Referral qualifications have been delivered if services have a high number of employees with medical conditions that would prevent a 'regular' PTI working with them.

In general, for all courses, pre-course reading and worksheets are assigned 8-12 weeks prior to taught days. Courses are usually delivered over 1-5 practical taught days. Assessments are completed on the final day, by which time the course should be 100% complete. 

Prices start from:

Level 1 - £65 per person

Level 2 - £450 per person

Level 3 - £750 per person

In addition to full qualifications, we also deliver a range of CPD courses to keep your workforce upskilled and motivated. Workshops include:

  • Kettlebells

  • Functional training

  • Healthy lower back and shoulders for firefighters

  • Metabolic conditioning

  • Women's health & fitness (pregnacy and menopause)

  • VO2 Max assessment and training

  • Strength & conditioning for firefighters

  • Many more!

Finally, we do all offer assistance in the writing and implementation of specific fitness programmes for fire fighters with specific conditions eg hypertension or diabetes.

For more information, please chat with Paul on 07715205608

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