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Booking notes:


When you book with us there are a number of processes involved in setting you up on your course:

  1. Select your course from below and add to your cart

  2. Don't forget to add elearning to your cart if you wish to study by this method

  3. Payment - You can pay us either a deposit (if you wish to use our payment plan option over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months) or the amount in full via credit/debit card, bank transfer or paypal. If you choose the payment plan option, then please let us know on the registration form how many months you would like to pay over.

  4. You must complete the registration form (you can find it in the menu)

  5. Once we have received both payment and registration form, we will process your enrolment

  6. Enrolments are completed within 24 hours and confirmation of your acceptance onto the course will be sent out

  7. Digital resources are sent out within 48 hours so that you can get started! Full elearning logins are sent out within 5 working days. (Please note that all courses can be fully completed digitally)

  8. If you have ordered paper resources, these are sent out within 7 working days

We do our best to process your enrolment and resources asap. In the unlikely event that you experience a delay, then please contact us immediately.

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