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Kettlebell Master course content and delivery/assessment method

This Kettlebell Master course consists of 2 units (in additional to the pre-requisite Gym Instructor qualification. If you do not hold a valid Gym Instructor qualification, then this must be obtained first):

  1. Planning Kettlebell Training Sessions

  2. Instructing Kettlebell Training Sessions

Distance learning element:

You will receive learning resources including digital resources and videos that give you the knowledge that you need to back up your practical ability. 


  1. Worksheet

  2. Planning documents

  3. Practical observation with client

  4. Session evaluation

  5. Practical observation of personal competence

Assessments can be completed either 1:1 or via digital submission 

Course duration:

You have up to 12 months* to complete your course. However, it is common for students to complete their Kettlebell Master  qualification in 3-6 months.

A full Instructing Kettlebell Training Sessions / Kettlebell Master qualification specification can be found here.

Taught courses available in:

- Telford, Shropshire

- Shrewsbury, Shropshire

- Penkridge, Staffordshire

- Worcester, Worcestershire

- Uckfield, Sussex

Elearning courses, nationwide!

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