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Fitness industry training made easy.

1. Choose your discipline (ergs, lifting, kettlebells, circuits)

2. Choose your level (We have up to 3 levels of workshop depending on whether the workshop is just for your knowledge, or to train towards a full, internationally recognised fitness qualification)

3. Choose your dates

4. Get booked on!



If you want to know how to row, ski and cycle properly, then these workshops are for you. 


We have two levels of workshop to choose from:

  • Level 2 Erg Instructor 

  • Level 3 Advanced Erg Instructor


Erg Instructor looks in-depth at the set-up of the ergs, plus we teach you how to coach effective techniques for power and efficiency. We ensure proficiency in the instruction of:

  • ski-erg

  • row-erg

  • bike-erg

  • Assault bike

Advanced Erg Instructor goes above and beyond! In this workshop we cover:

  • The science of training in the three energy systems (Aerobic, Glycolytic and CP)

  • Erg performance testing

  • You will experience real life examples of appropriate workouts in all three training systems!

  • How to periodise erg training for optimal results

Whichever workshop you choose, you will have a fun day experiencing all that erg training has to offer! You will leave enlightened and motivated to incorporate erg-training into your workouts.



Maybe weightlifting is your thing. Whether for power, strength or size, our lifting workshops will give you the knowledge and techniques you need to make the most of your barbell and dumbells! There are three levels of lifting workshop:

  • Level 1 Barbell Basics

  • Level 2 Barbell Instructor

  • Level 3 Advanced Barbell Instructor

Barbell Basics is for those new to lifting. Maybe you have a home gym and want to get more from your equipment, or maybe you're a member of a gym but are afraid of the freeweights area?


This workshop teaches you safe and effective lifting. You will learn all of the major movement patterns and barbell/dumbell exercises including:



Press variations

Pull variations

Barbell Instructor is for those wishing to enter the fitness industry as a Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer or for those wanting to expand their own personal knowledge. It covers all of the major movement patterns and exercises in detail, and also covers how to effectively coach these to clients. The science of lifting is explained and you will fully understand why we lift differently depending upon our goals.

Advanced Barbell Instructor is for those either continuing their education with a Personal Trainer qualification or individuals who take their training super-seriously! This workshop covers more advanced lifting techniques such as hypertrophy training (body building), speed and power training training and functional training using the latest equipment. It is pitched at a high level, so you will need to have done Barbell Instructor first to guarantee that you get the most out of this workshop.



Our kettlebells are the number 1 kettlebells in the world - so it's only right that we deliver a kettlbell workshop to show you how to get the most out of your 'bells!

We will cover:

  • Hard style and soft style kettlebell training

  • All of the major exercises including:

    • Swing (all 4 variations)

    • Clean ​

    • Jerk

    • Snatch

    • Squat variations

    • Press variations

    • Pull variations

    • Mobility and stability drills

This is a practical workshop, so come prepared for a full day of kettlebell use!



Our circuits workshop will teach you how to design and deliver THE BEST circuits. We cover a range of styles of circuit that will keep your clients engaged and coming back for more! The circuits will ensure your clients make progress with their fitness and have FUN!

We will cover:

  • Health and safety

  • 10 different circuit styles

  • Effective instruction

  • Bodyweight exercises

  • Metabolic exercises

  • Strength and power exercises

  • Cardio

  • The science behind interval training and how to apply the science to your circuits

This is a practical workshop, so come prepared for a full day of exercise!

All workshops are delivered at Wolverson HQ in Telford.

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