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S&C Trainer Background

Paul Bailey, owner of TrainerMaker has been partnered with the University of Worcester to deliver CIMSPA endorsed YMCA Awards Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning qualifications since 2014. Over the 6 year relationship, delivery has evolved to become more flexible for students as well as offering even greater content and 'real world' experience. These qualifications are essential if you wish to work in the fitness industry!

Reduced costs and payment plans for all students

TrainerMaker offer substantial discounts for University of Worcester students:

Level 2 S&C (Gym Instructor)                                                                                £275 (save £274)

Level 2 S&C (No Gym Instructor)                                                                          £375 (save £174)

We also offer payment plans over 3, 6, 9 and 12 months to spread the cost over your academic year. There is no credit check and no interest charged. You pay a £125 deposit, then the balance is divided by the number of months you want to pay over. Payments are taken via a direct debit on the date specified by you when you enrol.


All course taught dates are delivered at the Riverside Gym & Arena S&C suite. 

Strength & Conditioning course content and delivery/assessment method


Strength and Conditioning is considered a 'specialist' area within the health & fitness sector. The UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) have for a number of years governed the quality of S&C coaches through their accreditation programme. In 2019 the UKSCA teamed with CIMSPA and YMCA Awards to write the standards required for a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Trainer. This qualification is now deemed a 'stepping stone' towards full UKSCA accreditation and itself carries UKSCA recognition at 'Trainer' level. To understand the various recognition levels for an S&C trainer have a read of this article. If you are already a Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer and are looking to upskill, then it may not be necessary for you to complete the first 3 units of this qualification provided that you completed your qualifications in the last 5 years. This course is different from a Level 2 Gym Instructor in terms of the movement coaching ability required by the trainer. Please note, this qualification allows you to work in strength and conditioning facilities. It may not be recognised by more 'general population' gyms, that require you to have a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification.

The S&C course consists of 5 units:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology

  2. Providing a Positive Customer Experience

  3. Lifestyle and Health Awareness Management

  4. Plan and Prepare Strength & Conditioning Training

  5. Delivering Strength & Conditioning Training


Taught element (taught courses only)

You will receive 5 taught days (divided into half day blocks) during which you will learn all practical elements of the course. You will also be mentored by university staff over a period of months whilst you refine your personal technique and coaching. We teach you the movement patterns of: Squat, Hinge, Press, Pull, Rotation and Anti-rotation. How to throw and jump for power development, plus running mechanics. You will become proficient at all of the major freeweight lifts and will learn how to coach these plus all of the foundation movements. Gym/sports experience is useful - but not essential!

Distance learning element:

You will receive learning resources including manuals or elearning (extra cost) that give you the knowledge that you need to back up your practical ability. 


  1. Anatomy and physiology multiple choice exam

  2. Online self-marking worksheets

  3. A Learner Assessment Record that includes a number of S&C tasks and sessions to plan as well as worksheets.

  4. Practical assessments

Assessments can be completed either in person post-course or via elearning (attendance at a centre is only required to complete the Anatomy & Physiology unit exam). All assessments must be passed within 6 months of each other or reassessment of specific units will be required.

Course duration:

You have up to 24 months* to complete your course. However, it is common for students to complete their S&C qualification in 6-12 months.

A full Strength & Conditioning qualification specification can be found here.

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